TAPPI Connect Mentor Match Commencement Yields Positive Feedback

TAPPI Connect Mentor Match Commencement Yields Positive Feedback

This month, TAPPI Connect Mentor Match launched with a strong inaugural group of 37 mentors and protégés, all ready to begin sharing and learning industry insight and knowledge.   

Mentor Ron Williams of Rolling Aluminum looks forward to sharing his expertise.  “I've been involved with the paper industry since 1973 or so, in different capacities. I received lots of patient help over the years from many fine people, so I feel I can pass much of that along. Plus, it seems that almost every question or problem I work on, I end up learning something new in the process, so it is something to look forward to.”

Protégé Joseph Pizzza, a 25-year old engineer joined Mentor Match “to become a better paper maker. Anyone can pull a trend and make a graph. But paper making is as much an art as it is science. I'm looking for a mentor who can help me become a better paper maker. I'm very excited about this opportunity as it puts me in touch with a wider view of people from across the industry.”  Pizzza wants to meet “people who will see me as an investment in the future, instead of just a number on the bottom line.”

Mentor Rui Vinhas of Valmet is “excited about this experience. The fact that I can help others in this industry is very meaningful for me. I really think I can contribute with my 20 years’ experience and is also challenging for me because I might have to study and research to accomplish this mission.

Jon Kerr, Executive Director of the Paper Science and Engineering Foundation at Miami University has also enlisted to serve as a mentor.  “With the graying of America's industries, there is a great need to pass along institutional knowledge so that businesses don't fall backwards. I personally am looking forward to the experience. It will be one small thing that I can do to positively influence the long term vitality of the industry that I love.”

Learn more about TAPPI Connect’s Mentor Match.   If you’d like to sign up to be a Mentor or a Protégé, mark your calendar for the next round of sign-ups!   Mentors can sign up October 16 through November 8, Protégés can sign-up November 5 through November 24.

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